2k: Der Große Karmann: 1967 Volkswagen Type 34 Karmann Ghia Convertible

The Type 34 was another Ghia styled and Karmann coach-built offering from Volkswagen, but unlike the Type 14 was never imported to the USA.  It may have looked like the Corvair from the rear, but it was a pure Germano-Italiano affair and a surprising number of the Type 34 have found their way onto our shores.  Find this 1967 Volkswagen Type 34 Karmann Ghia convertible basket case offered for $2,500 in West Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.  You are going to need one of those towing thingies to get this home.

The sad state of this Ghia means that it violates our typical argument that the best money spent is the previous owner’s money.  However, according to the Type 34 registry there aren’t many of the original 42,000 cars built (1/10th the number of Type 14s) left on the planet, but at least 500 or so are located in the US of A. 

What do you get for your $2500 in this case?  Included with your exposure to tetanus, you get a rusty/welded together “fat” Ghia rolling chassis, a few empty gas cans, an extension cord (5 amp?), a 1600 cc flat-4 that is said to run and the potential to have one of the few Type 34 Ghia convertibles around.  In this case, it isn’t what the current owner has spent that is getting you value, its what he ISN’T charging you that has piqued our interest.  Often a car this strangely cool will be inflated by investors looking for the next Porsche 911/Pontiac GTO/Mustang Fastback to let rot in a shed for 10 years and gain 400% in value.

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