2k: Crapella: 1985 Mazda 626 LX 5-spd

The GC generation Mazda Capella was a mid-sized sedan built in Japan for world wide distribution.  It was released in 1982 and in a departure from previous rear-drive versions, it was front-engine, front-wheel-drive.  As much as this may make purists throw small tantrums it was, arguably, a better car in every way from the previous version as it introduced a turbocharged engine and independent suspension at all four corners.  Find this 1985 Mazda 626 LX 5-spd for sale in Tustin, CA for $2,400 via craigslist.

Before you dismiss the sleeper badge as DT getting overly enthusiastic about this orange-setting-sun-CA-plate classic – bear in mind – this is a Mazda.  The company that brought the world the MX-5, RX-7 and Mazdaspeed3 has always been a bit more enthusiast focused than the average Japanese appliance manufacturer.

The 626 GT Turbo uses a turbocharged and non-intercooled version of Mazda’s FET engine that puts out 120 horsepower and 150 ft-lbs of torque – known in the JDM as the Magnum Turbo. Sounds more impressive than it is, but the photo of this car, and the LX description indicates this uses the 93 horsepower basic FE 2.0 liter. And the potato-phone picture doesn’t look like it is turbocharged, but the seller clearly thinks it is.

The 626 isn’t a sleeper in the sense that it will decimate ‘Merican
muscle at the stop lights or will out apex I-talian steeds – no.  But,
it will be surprisingly fun to drive around, as your friends make fun of
you.  Inside, a funky Japanese 80s vibe is strong.

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