2k: Classy 6-Banger: 1973 Volvo 164E

In 1968 Volvo introduced the 164 as a 1969 model for the upper tier luxury market.  The 164 was aimed squarely at the likes of Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and BMW — and it even looks a bit like a W115 in the front if you squint. It shared most of the body shell (from the firewall back) with the 140
series, which eventually morphed into the 240 that lived on through
1993.  Today they are largely overlooked by enthusiasts/collectors/everybody and can be picked up for a song.  Find this 1973 Volvo 164E offered for $2200 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

Jan Wilsgaard inked the design for what would eventually be the 164 in the early 1960s as a concept car called the P358. The 164 was a much more modern car than the last executive car produced by Volvo (the PV800 Sow) and it sold in decent quantities — a total of 46k in 6 years of production.  Former secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell is known to have owned a 164 back in the day…in fact his is for sale near Philadelphia for $3250 on craigslist right now.  Just be careful with this one because there might be some WMDs in the trunk.

The B30F engine is a 3.0 liter pushrod inline six, which should be smooth
and torquey but not a screamer. The front end was extended vs. the 140 to fit this lengthy machine. Expect leisurely and relaxed
acceleration from the 138 hp smog friendly US configuration with Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection…but you could get a Euro version with up to 175 hp with higher compression and better airflow.

This might not be a show car, but it is offered with a four speed manual gearbox and a bright red interior — who doesn’t like bright red interiors??  No hint from the seller on what sort of hideousness lives under that dash mat…

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