2k: Classic Quasi-Kit: 1988 Puma GTI

 Another day, another dirt cheap rare classic that you won’t see elsewhere.  The Puma GTE/GTI was the brainchild of Brazilian racer and businessman Genaro “Rino” Malzoni and originally used Volkswagen’s Karmann-Ghia Type 14 as the chassis.  The Type 14 went out of production in 1973 and the Puma was transferred onto the Volkswagen Brasilia chassis.  Regardless, the combination of Ferari-esque looks and Volkswagen simplicity makes for an interesting combination.  Find this 1988 Puma GTI offered for $2,500 in Midlothian, VA.  Tip from Kent S.

The Puma is an interesting mix of Brazilian and German engineering.  The platform it rides on (the Brasilia) was very closely related to the original Type 1 Beetle (including a semi-trailing arm rear suspension), so the mechanical parts are extremely simple. 

The interior is also a typical form-follows-function setup you’ll see in most kit cars, but the Puma was only sold as a kit overseas to avoid rigorous government required safety and emissions test for each local market.  Power comes from a 1600 cc flat-four from the Volkswagen Beetle.

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