2k: Cheap Speedy Swede: 1989 Volvo 745 Wagon Ford 5.0 V8 Swap

The Volvo 700 was launched in 1985 as a planned replacement for the aging 200 series, but the older 200 surprisingly outlived the 700 by a few years before everything was tossed aside for the front drive 850 and the era of rear-drive (aka fun-drive) Volvos faded into history.  Volvo enthusiasts call this model the 745, the 4 designating the number of cylinders and the 5 for number of doors, but it is probably more accurately called a 785.  Find this 1989 Volvo 745 Wagon 5.0 V8 Swap for sale in House Springs, MO for $2400 via craigslist.  Tipped from the original Scot back in August..  Also posted by DoucheMcGee  on oppositelock.jalopnik.com

The seller of this 285 humorously says that it is like the one that Jay Leno had built – but what he is referring to is the pair of V8lvo built by Converse Engineering for Dave Letterman and Paul NewmanPuffer?  Sure I’ll get a puffer.

This one doesn’t have a puffer, but it does use a fuel injected Ford 5.0 V8, probably good for around 200 horsepower (give or take) and mated to the Borg-warner T-5.  The T-5 is the Swiss Army knife of transmissions; it is ubiquitous, flexible, compact, light, but will snap like a twig if  you twist it too hard.

See a better V8lvo for less? you know where to email.