2k: Cheap And Honest: 1969 Volvo 122S Amazon Wagon

The Volvo 122S Amazon is a great starter vintage car for the aspiring classic car connoisseur.  It won’t rob your pocket book with fat bills from hairy knuckled guys name Mario (like an Alfa or Porsche) and the trusty 4-cylinder engines will happily run on 3 for years. This one happens to not be running at all, but at least the price is right. Find this 1969 Volvo 122S Amazon Wagon offered for $1750 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Anthony W.

We’ve touted the benefits of Amazons before here on Daily Turismo – they
are simple, unit-body, decently handling and mechanically solid cars
with just enough creature comforts to still be usable as daily drivers
in the 21st century.  They won’t thrill under acceleration like an E55 AMG, but you won’t be shelling out $1500 a corner when the air bags start to fail…well…because it has proper steel springs and parts are cheap.

The Amazon wagon is powered by the Volvo B20, a 2.0 liter inline-4 (125 hp) that was shared with the 1800E/ES, 140/240, C202 and a Swedish built mechanized field Howitzer.  When some people talk about vehicles being built like tanks, few can back that up with an engine that is USED by an actual projectile launching mobile field cannon. 

The short list of negatives from the seller explain why this thing is so cheap, but with sparse details we don’t know whether it would take $50 in parts and a weekend in the driveway with hand tools to get this going, or if more involved teardown and major work is in order.

“The Bad:
– Not running
– Minor body rust in floor panels
– Minor dents and dings
– Key cylinder requires repair
– Needs new upholstery”

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