2k: A Car For Mom: 1977 MGB

Picking a car for my mom is a difficult task, first and foremost she does not drive.  Not just now, because of age, but ever, because of vision difficulties that started early in life. Regardless, out of all of the vehicles that my mom talks about, the 1955 MG TF that my parents owned before they had kids is certainly her favorite.  But…anyone who has been shopping with my mom will tell you that she doesn’t pay full price for anything and the TF market is inflated these days…so..let’s look at something from the Morris Garage clearance rack.  Find this 1977 MGB offered for $2,300 buy-it-now on ebay with 3 days to go, located in Clinton, CT.

Sure, a mid 70s MGB is a far cry from a TF…but the last time my parents saw that car it was on a tow truck after it had jettisoned an axle while turning into a driveway.  The shop gave them a quote that was more than the car was worth and they would soon have kids to haul around, so the TF was just about given away.

It is also funny when folks pepper their craigslist for sale ads with pictures of their car at the shop or covered in dog eared repair guides.  An MG from any era will need regular attention, but this MGB should be about as free from maintenance as they get.  This isn’t some overpriced collectible, so seeing a few repair guides in the front seat isn’t a bad sign, it just means you’ll need your own copy.

Normally, I’d be all over bashing those giant rubber bumpers and the white wall tires…but somehow it works with the black MGB accent decal and baby poop paint color.  What would you get for your mom? Comments below.