2JZ Powaaaaa: 1989 Jaguar XJS

Time to wipe all history of the previously  featured V6 powered MX-5 from your mind and start fresh like a Hillary Clinton e-mail server. This next car combines the gorgeous lines of the Malcolm Sayer & Doug Thorpe designed coupé (that is pronounced coop-A) with the silky smoothness and rock solid reliability of a Toyota / Lexus inline six.  Find this 1989 Jaguar XJS with 2JZ power offered here on eBay for $3,700 buy-it-now with 5 days to go, located in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

The Jaguar XJS is far too often stripped of its sonorous V12 and forced
to make do with a Chevy 350 mated to the stock GM TH400 slushbox….but this is different, somebody shoved a simple Lexus inline-6 under the hood.  Wait…is that better or worse?  It is certainly less of a hillbilly machine than an XJS-350V8, but it isn’t going to be as fast…

It looks like a 1998 or later 2JZ-GE from an IS300 or similar Lexus which should produce around 220 horsepower and 210 ft-lbs of torque. The install looks well done, the engine is shoved far back against the passenger firewall and then wires/pipes/hoses/tubular-thingies look almost factory.  There are a a few more zipties and exposed wires on the driver’s side than I’d like to see, but that is probably something left over from its Jag power days.

From the interior you wouldn’t expect that anything is different under the hood and with 220-ish horsepower on tap mated to the stock GM gearbox, it probably drives a lot like a standard XJS with the Jaguar 3.6 liter AJ6 engine. 

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