28 Ways to E: 1988 BMW 528e

The BMW 5-series lineup in 1988 was filled with a variety of choices starting with the movie star spec M5 then moving to the real estate investor’s 535i and finally the professor’s 528e.  This next example isn’t just another 528e, because it is equipped with a 5-speed, has nice paint, and a reasonable asking price. Find this 1988 BMW 528e offered for $3,200 in East Kingston, NH via hemmings. Tip from BarbPaddles.

 From the seller:

Location: East Kingston, New Hampshire, 03827

Mileage: 276000

Transmission: Manual

Condition: Good

Exterior: Delphin Grey

Interior: Pearl Beige

Seller’s Description:

1988 BMW 528E 5-Speed. Well maintained original paint, interior & running gear. Second owner for 25 years. Lost storage. 276K miles, drive anywhere.

Price: $3,200 

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