2.5k: Ghiapocalypse: 1974 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Baja Coupe

The Volkswagen Beetle is regularly transformed into an off-road post-apocalypse survival vehicle and jumped over sand dunes, but the pretty-boy Karmann-Ghia version is usually kept on the street and we don’t know why.    Break all the rules with this 1974 Karmann-Ghia Baja coupe for sale in Tiflon, GA (not HI as it says in the listing) for the asking price of $2500 via hemmings.com

The Karmann-Ghia took the basic Beetle floor-pan and mechanical bits and put them under a pretty body designed by Italian Luigi Segre of the Italian carrozzeria Ghia and built by coach builder Karmann of Germany.  Think of it like a pizza cooked in a highly efficient German oven and instead of cheese they used sauerkraut.

 This Ghia is powered by a 1600cc flat four with a single carburettor and is good for something between 60 and 100 horsepower depending on the specifics of the build.  Unfortunately, the pretty Ghia body was heavier than the basic Beetle upside-down-tub and as a result it was slower.  It isn’t a problem today as making power with a VW engine is easier than getting a beer in Bavaria – just up the compression, add some high lift cams and open intake/exhaust.

This Ghia has lost most of the pretty-boy image associated with the Ghia and looks more like a Ghia that lived on the wrong side of the Berlin wall many years ago.  The upturned exhaust looks like it could launch a mortar round at any minute and the external cooler with flat black oil lines resembles something on Darth Vaders chest.  We can’t think of a better way to spend $2500 to flatten the enemy with this flat black beauty.

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All photos credit hemmings.com