20th Century Fox: Low Mileage 1992 Ford Mustang GT

The early ’90s saw the Mustang/Camaro war in full swing.  Blows were being exchanged faster than San Francisco real estate.  You had the Mustang faction and Camaro clan constantly bragging over who’s hero ruled the streets.  Sentiment was so strong that friends were divided and recruited into each camp.  For me, the Mustang was undoubtedly the clear winner!  Find this clean low mileage 1992 Ford Mustang GT near Vancouver, BC for $13,500 CDN ($10,445 USD at today’s rate) via craigslist.

While some of us young schmucks only dreamed of playing with Detroit’s muscle car offerings in 1992, there were many who bought and drove these cars to their limits.  Finding a 58,000 kilometer (36,000 mile) unmolested example like this 25 years on is a treat as most ended up well used and abused.  Black/Grey is an attractive combination and looks just right on the Fox body platform.

Pictures supplied in the ad are less than desirable.  One would think if you were offering such a low mileage example for sale you could at least snap some flattering shots including the engine bay.  The interior pictures supplied do show a level of cleanliness inline with the low mileage claim.  There is no mention of service records in the ad but hopefully some exist to prove correct maintenance has been followed.

The blurry odometer shot is hard to make out, but there is no mistaking the first digit resting at “0”.  With 225 HP on tap via a 5-speed transmission this late model third generation Mustang would be loads of fun to throw around. Just don’t expect to be remotely challenging on the streets in today’s crowded muscle car scene!  

I eventually did own a few Mustangs over the years, including an early Fox body generation.  Truth be told…I owned some Camaros as well.  They were fun cars and both offered something different in the way of performance.  If I had my way today, I would make space for one of each in my garage, finding the lowest mileage examples I could afford.  Granted, there is no comparison to the performance of Mustang’s on offer today, but you can’t put a value on pure nostalgia.  Climbing market values on clean low mileage examples leads me to believe others feel very much the same.   

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