20k: Upper Bucks Goonsquad: 1982 Porsche 911 w/Chevy V8 Swap 430 hp.

The Porsche 911 is fantastic car in stock form, with a bevy of available free-revving engines, a light and communicative steering system and a tail happy rear-weight bias.  The 911 has always also been a good looking car, with clean body lines and some of the least objectionable bumpers from the ugly-bumper era….at least until you start brush painting it and shove an iron block domestic V8 in the back…then it becomes a Big Booty Hoe from the Upper Bucks Goonsquad…what?  Find this 1982 Porsche 911 w/Chevy V8 swap for sale in Upper Bucks County, PA for the asking price of $21,000.

The big whale tale hiding the V8 transplant in the rear is proudly decorated with the phrase “Big Booty Hoe.”  Classy.  Per the seller: “The car is a rocket hooks up handles amazing and has soo muchh powerrr.”

The power is courtesy of a 355 cubic inch small block Chevy V8 that is putting out a claimed 430 horsepower – which should make the sub 3000 lb 911 SC a beast compared the stock 180 horsepower 3.0 liter flat-6. The car sports some serious rubber out back mounted on 13x17inch rims (we assume that is 17inch diameter, 13inch wide…but who knows).

The major problem with this car advertisement is that very little useful information is contained with an optimistically high asking price.  Which V8 adapter kit is used?  What transmission?  What about suspension, which tires?  It would be one thing to offer the car at half this asking price with a half-assed ad, but it really needs some underhood and interior photos to generate some significant interest…because this could be a fantastic Daily Turismo…with some paint work and de-stickerification.

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