20k Some Assembly Required: 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo

The 996 generation Porsche 911 turbo is a freakishly fast sports machine that hits 60mph in 4.2 seconds and will cruise all the way up to a 189 mph top speed.  Unfortunately, it has a reputation for popping engines as often as Anthony Wiener exposes his frank ‘n’ beans to transsexuals on the twitter…which in case you aren’t familiar is about the same frequency as an Audi/VAG product sends its coil packs packing.  BUT, if you want a REALLY REALLY fast car for cheap…it doesn’t get much better than this 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo here on eBay currently bidding for $21,250 with a few hours to go located in Pinellas Park, FL.

The 996 Turbo isn’t the fastest can you can find for this kind of cash — there are all sorts of Bonneville Salt Flats racers you can buy that will be strictly faster, what the 996 Turbo does it add a layer of clinical efficiency to going fast in every situation.  The Salt Flat racer is a knife, the 996 Turbo is a leatherman — you can cut, saw, snipe, tweeze, and open cans with equal aplomb.

To understand where most of the speed comes from you must pop the rear trunk lid to examine the…whoa!  Where’d the engine go?  Is this some kind of Porsche special SPECIAL GT4 lightweight edition where even the powerplant is optional and the price tag is higher?

Oh no, there it is.  The glorious 3.6 liter twin turbocharged flat-6 that pushes out 415 horsepower and 415 ft-lbs of torque is sitting on a pallet ready for you to spend a few weekends on the installation. Now I understand why this thing is so cheap.  Personally, I wouldn’t do the installation without chipping the ECU (Porsche offers a factory X50 tune to 450 horsepower) and disabling the front drive section of the AWD system (budget GT2!!). 

On the inside you get Porsche’s optional full leather interior which is really nice if you don’t mind the upkeep of regular conditioning.  This one uses the 5-speed tiptronic automatic, which won’t be as nice as the 6-speed for driving on the track, but will be much better for a commute and just as quick.  Read this rennlist.com forums 996 buyers guide for some great advice on used 996s.

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