20k: So, I Hear You Like Motorhomes: 1965 Clark Cortez

This next feature comes to us from tipper JAS who writes:

Dear DT,  As a follow-up to your articles on the GMC and Vixen
motorhomes, this note is about the Cortez motorhome. Preceding the GMC
by a full decade, the Cortez was unibody construction with front wheel
drive powertrain and 4 wheel independent suspension – pretty advanced
for 1963! If only someone built one like it today.
  Find this totally refurbished and updated 1965 Clark Cortez offered for $22,000 via craigslist, located in Woodland Hills, CA.

More from JAS:

The differences to the GMC were that the Cortez body
was all steel and the FWD powertrain was taken from an industrial
fork-lift. The powertrain choice was because the Cortez motorhome was
built by Clark Equipment Company (the maker of industrial fork-lifts).

Many Cortez motorhomes are still on the road today and many show up on Craigs List (usually in the $2K to $20K price range). 

The Clark Cortez may have started life as piece of industrial equipment, but this example looks like luxury even a teamster could enjoy.  Textured wood, soft leather and brushed stainless steel is everywhere.  At $20k this is certainly a better deal than 40 nights at the local Ritz Carlton — plus, it’ll still be worth something when you are done with it.  Just gotta find somebody who will clean up the room and change the sheets once a day…

You can read more about these forklift powered coaches on Cortezcoach.com, the Official Home of the Cortez Owners Association.  See a cooler RV? tips@dailyturismo.com