20k: Show Me The Goods! 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV Turbo

 Pro tip of the day:  If you have an Alfa Romeo GTV tipo 105 and you want to sell it, pictures are great. Multiple pictures.  Five is a good starting point.  However, if that GTV has a turbocharged engine that shoots fire and pushes 300 horsepower at 8000 rpm into its rear tires…for the love of Berlusconi, you need to include at least one underhood picture.  Find this 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV Turbo offered for $25,000 in Los Angeles, CA via craiglist..  Tip from Sean S.

Not only does the seller not include a single underhood or interior shot, but every other picture in the listing is taken from the same 3/4 view of the front driver’s side.  Look, I get it.  The seller clearly describes how he has a GT350 in his garage he needs to get up and running and I see a 68 Notchback Mustang and some kind of Chrysler front-drive coupe (maybe even a Shelby CSX), so he is going to spend every waking moment doing maintenance on his cars and doesn’t have time for detailed underhood pics. 

There it is again. The 300 horsepower “Jafco” turbocharged Alfa GTV in 3/4 view.  I have to admit that I do approve of the wheel choice and everything else, except the price.  The price could be lower.

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