20k: Original Rally Rat: 1983 Audi Ur-Quattro

The Audi Ur-Quattro was the original rally car for the masses and offered turbocharged all-wheel-drive goodness in an Audi Coupé based package.  Total US sales were only 663 models in the 4 years of production from 1983 to 1986, making it a strangely rare car to find for a decent price wasting away on a local craigslist.  Find this 1983 Audi Ur-Quattro for sale in Malibu, CA for $21,500 via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

A reasonably priced Ur-Quattro is a true unicorn, since most listed seem to come from overpriced dealers, scammy auction houses or enthusiasts websites that tend to drive prices up with nonstop praise.  The truth is Audi didn’t sell many of the original Quattro model because it was expensive and not particularly quick.  In the years since they were in the showroom, the Quattro name has become legend and good examples are highly sought after.

The US spec Audi Quattro is powered by a 2.1 liter inline-5 single overhead cam engine that is turbocharged to produce 160 horsepower.  The end result isn’t slow by 1983 standards, but it was 40 horsepower down from its hot European cousin and won’t be quick in modern traffic.  

Back in the 1980s before Audi because synonymous with high quality interiors, they built some seriously crappy stuff in the Audi Coupé/80 lineup.  The Quattro got nicer seats and a few special flourishes, but you can’t get away from the low grade plastic knobs, levers and switches that are just minutes from disintegrating in your hand on a hot day.  Be gentle and the interior should last for years, but channel your inner Hulk and you will spend some time at your local pick-a-part determining exactly which parts are Ur-Quattro specific vs generic to the base Coupé. 

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