20k: A Musical Interlude: 1971 DeTomaso Pantera GTS

Babe, gas station’s so far away

There’s something I just have to say

I don’t think I can hide when I’m drivin’ inside

Another day, knowin’ I’ll own you

And I, I’m getting too close again

I want to see your wide rear end

If I drive you tonight when I turn at the light

And walk away knowin’ I crashed you?

Oversteer might take me by surprise and make me realize, Pantera!

I’m gonna counter steer right away, and the back end’ll go another way,  Pantera!

I’m gonna tank-slap it like a van and make you understand, Pantera!  I own you…

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I feel like today’s the day

I’m lookin’ for the words to say

Do your tires wanna be free, are you aimin’ for that tree

To slide this way

I don’t wanna lose you

So, it may be too soon, I know

Momentum takes so long to grow

If I tell you today will you turn that way

And let me go?

I don’t wanna crash you

Fiberglass repair bills’ll take me by surprise and make me realize, Pantera!

I’m gonna tell you right away, I can’t wait another day, Pantera!

I’m gonna sell you to a man and make you understand, Pantera!

You and I

I know that I love that V8

And I swear, I swear it’s a Cleveland

Transaxle doesn’t add much weight

You, you and u-joints

We can share a life together

It’s now or never

And tomorrow I’ll buy a Z28

And, feelin’ the way I do

I don’t wanna wait my whole life through

To say I once owned you.

My apologies to Bostontips@dailyturismo.com