20k: Let’s Rock: 1964 Dodge A100 Pickup Hot Rod

 The A100 was a lineup of cab-over style vans from Chrysler’s Dodge brand
and sold from 1964-1970.  Dodge offered a pickup and van version, but they offer a great combination of funky
looks, basic reliability and form-follows-function utility.  Think of the A100 as a domestic version of the VW Bus that offers an easy swap to maniac power level V8s…like this 1964 Dodge A100 Pickup Hot Rod offered for $25,000 buy-it-now or best-offer on eBay, located in Meriden, CT with 5 days to go.

This A100 pickup really pushes the limit of what you would ever want to do with the wobbly Dodge truck/van chassis…but boy does it look like fun.  The seller advertises it as an Ex-Navy truck and states that the Let’s Rock, Rat Fink and pin striping could be easily removed…but why personally I’d leave the crazy graphics for everyone to admire.

Speaking of crazy, checkout what is located in the bed area of this custom monster.  That is a mopar 440 V8 that has been bored/stroked to 493 cubic inches, features 10.5:1 compression and pushes out 600 horsepower according to the seller (is that with or without that nitrous tank?). 

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