2011 Lotus Evora

 The ban on cars over $20K has been temporarily lifted in order to pay solemn, dignified homage to DT’s birthday. This way, we can gaze into the future and see what cars might someday be visiting us. And the future looks good. Find this 2011 Lotus Evora for sale in Omaha, NE for $42,900 via craigslist. This
post is part of DT’s 2016 Birthday Celebration of 100 cars;
enjoy the ride!

This kind of car is right up our alley. At DT, we like to go fast, do our own shifting, keep things simple and turn a couple of heads while we are at it. And while the Evora isn’t as bare bones as the Elise it replaced, it has some characteristics that make up for it.

At the heart of this car is a humble Toyota Camry V6. With 3000 lbs. to push around, this engine is free to rev and shows its full potential in this car. While pre-Elise Loti(?) had delicate drivetrains, one of this car’s strengths is its run-of-the-mill engine with excellent reliability and serviceability. The V6 is also an improvement over the Elise’s four-banger that required stratospheric RPMs to produce power.

And while the Evora has plenty of power for its weight, its primary mission is handling and it does this admirably. With an extruded aluminum frame and highly engineered suspension, it is worthy competition for the Porsche Cayman. That is high praise.

Nobody likes getting a year older, but if it means getting a year closer to this car entering our price range, it ain’t so bad.

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