1k: Sunday Sanity Check: ’23 T Bucket (of Wood!)

This next Sunday Sanity Check feature comes as a tip from DT regular Alex V who simply writes “woody!” in his email.  Sometimes the best description of something that defies description is a short one.  Find this ’23 T Bucket (of Wood) offered for $1,250 in Tarzana, CA via craigslist.

The craftsmanship on this wooden “roller” is stunning at first glance and just gets better the more that you stare at it.  The seller says that “various species of wood” was used in the construction and that it “rolls and steers.” 

I can imagine hooking up a small electric motor powertrain from a golf cart to the rear wheels and turning this roller into a pit cart or something you could cruise around at your next neighborhood block party.

Leave the magnets at home for this vehicle inspection and bring your termite inspector.  tips@dailyturismo.com