1k: Seller Submission: 1981 Volvo 264 GLE Sedan

The Volvo 200 series was range of large sized boxy automobiles that established Volvo’s (now defunct) reputation as a pioneer in passenger safety.  Large crumple zones fore/aft, 3-point belts, and 4-wheel disc brakes were standard safety features on Volvo’s family sedan when new.  Today, a used Volvo makes sense as an inexpensive daily driver, and prices are cheap enough that you may as well get a good one.  Find this 1981 Volvo 264 GLE Sedan here on eBay currently bidding for $1,025 reserve-not-met with 4 days to go, located in Lebanon, OH.  Seller Submission from Walter.

The 4-door sedans are the most pedestrian of the three different 240
body styles offered by Volvo over the years and are the most plentiful,
with the wagon being a close second. However, the sedans do have certain
advantages over their siblings: they are lighter in weight than the
wagons, but stiffer than the 2-door 242 models and feature nice short
doors in contrast to the 242’s extended monsters than require megawide
parking spaces to open completely without bashing adjacent cars. The
4-doors are also easier for back seat passenger access and a good choice
for a 240 fan who has car-seated offspring but who doesn’t need or want
a wagon.

The 264 is powered by the PRV6, a 2.7 liter V6 shared with the DeLorean DMC-12, Eagle Premier, Peugeot 504, and Renault Alpine.  In the 264 it was rated around 140 horsepower and in this one is mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission. This is the most stately of Volvo powertrains available in the early ’80s; well suited to a grandma car in maroon over tan.

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