1k: Seller Sub: 1972 BMW Bavaria

The BMW E3 generation mid-sized sedan was known internally as the “New Six” and
was later badged as the Bavaria (when equipped with larger engines) for
the US Market.  The E3 was available with several versions of the
torquey M30 big-six and they make for great classic drivers.  Today’s Bavaria comes to us as a seller submission from Brian.  Find this 1972 BMW Bavaria offered for $1,800 in Pacific City, OR via craigslist.

The seller of this E3 is relocating to another country, so he is offering it at an enthusiast friendly price.  It has some issues, like a drivetrain vibration — probably a failing guibo or center driveshaft support bearing — and some rust.

The Bavaria has been upgraded by a previous owner with a fuel injected 3.0 and a 5-speed manual gearbox, so it should move pretty well.  Sheepskin seat covers hide who knows what kind of torn up seats, but for the price you aren’t going to get a museum quality car.

Finally, what is up with the pictures? It looks like someone took a picture of a Polaroid with a 90s era camera phone.   Got your own classic to sell? tips@dailyturismo.com