1k: Perfect Combo Of Rare And Average: 1980 Ford Fairmont, Survivor

Sometimes a tip comes with enough commentary from the sender to compose an entire post…so today’s feature is written by tipper Andy L. In his words: I am sending you this car because it is both rare and yet the most completely average car I think I have ever seen.  If you asked an eight-year-old to draw a picture of a car with a red crayon it would probably look like this one.  Find this 1980 Ford Fairmont for sale on eBay in Des Moines, Iowa with 5 days to go.  Tip and text by Andy L!

You could also say that it has the profile of a Ferrari 400i if you squint a little. I also like the fact that it is a clean slate for a straight-forward sleeper conversion of your liking.

The manual tranny linkages are already there, and it would not be any trick to put a nicely warmed-over 302 inside. You would probably have money left over to put in a stronger 5-speed and a worthy rear-end, also.

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