1k: K For Krap: 1985 Plymouth Reliant

I know you were hoping for the USS Reliant assigned to Project
Genesis in 2285, the one that would go on to re-discover Khan in the
Star Trek movie with the earworm – sorry, not that one. Or at least a Robin Reliant would have been interesting, but no, they were on hiatus from 81 to 89.  Here on craiglist is just a plain old 1985 Plymouth Reliant, albeit with just 55k miles, for a measly $1250.  Tip and intro by Kaibeezy,

The Plymouth Reliant was called the Reliant-K because it was based on
the K-car platform, which meant it was poorly assembled, ugly, slow, et cetera.  What about a 55k mile version offered for pennies?  Still horrible?

The Reliant was the first of the so called K-cars to be built by
Chrysler and was followed soon after by the Dodge Aries and Chrysler
Lebaron.  This K is powered by a 2.2 liter inline-4 cylinder engine that
puts out 94 horsepower and delivers 0-60 mph in a leisurely 13 seconds
or so with the automatic transmission.

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