1k: Horrorod Season Opens: 1974 Volkswagen Beetle Autostick

The Volkswagen Beetle is an abominably slow car in any configuration, but nothing lifts the hairs on your arms like the Ebola contaminated Q-tip that is the Beetle Autostick.  Nothing is slower or more miserable to drive than the Beetle with a semi-automatic transmission as it combines the need to use both of your hands with acceleration of a donkey pulling a boat anchor…uphill…and the donkey is dead.  Find this 1974 Volkswagen Beetle Autostick offered for $1200 in Albany, NY via craigslist.  Tip from Jdah.  Halloween approaches and we are looking for horrorods — send in your best tips!.

On the scale of Beetle love/hate from Jeremy Clarkson to Raphael Orlove, the staff at DT is spread across the spectrum, but personally I find the breetle-tweedle-frapt exhaust note to be the second most annoying sound in the world.   Additionally, without significant modification the Beetle is slower than just about anything on the road that isn’t on fire.  The Autoshift (aka manu-matic) adds a pneumatic operated clutch and a torque convertor to a simple 3-speed manual making it slower than the things on fire.  The torque convertor allows the car to come to a complete stop without stalling and the clutch allows the operator to shift gears but nothing can describe how poorly the entire setup works.  Avoid it like you would a bathtub full of scorpions.

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