1k: Freight Track: 1988 BMW 735i Track Rat E32

 What happened to the 2pm post today?  I had something scheduled, but somewhere in the complicated machine that is the Daily Turismo publishing house, something went amiss.  In the words of the late great broadcaster Howard Cosell “Who goofed? I’ve got to know!”  To tell  you the truth, in all this excitement, I sort lost track myself…anyway…that feature is being updated and will be posted tomorrow morning, but in the meantime…have a strange “track” car.  Find this 1988 BMW 735i Track Rat E32currently bidding for $1,025 with 1 day to go on ebay, located in Rome, GA.

Who makes a track car out of a BMW 7-series?  It is like making a boat out of bricks.  Running for president on the Nobody Gets Nothin platform.  Starting a seafood restaurant and naming it Salmon Ella’s.  Trying to circumnavigate the globe in a canoe full of scorpions.  Why does everything have to be so hard? It is understandable to feel the need to turn just about every/any car into some kind of track car, but to take a 7-series and try to make it a street legal track car…talk about shoveling stuff up hill…

Regardless…for a little over a grand, this would make a great start for any 24 Hrs of LeMons team.  tips@dailyturismo.com