1k: Fair Weather Frankenstein: 1979 BMW 320i V8

The E21 generation is one of the better deals available on the market for BMWs that fall into the “depreciated modern classic” bucket.  While we prefer a clean and original version for our daily driving needs, a hot rod E21 certainly would tick off a few boxes on the bucket list.  Find this 1979 BMW 320i V8 for sale in Plymouth, PA for $2,000 via craigslist.  Tip from the Hack Mechanic.

This car would qualify as a sleeper…except for the flamed nostril hood scoop, side exit calf burning exhaust and jacked up rear end …so it in no way is anything other than a cop magnet.

The original M10 4-banger has been replaced by a  5.7 liter V8 equipped with a carburetor and mated to a turbo-hydramtic slushbox transmission.  Power levels are not stated, but 300hp should make the stock 14 inch wheels lose traction at any speed.

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