1k: A Face Only A Mother Could Love: 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Aerocoupe

The Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Aerocoupe was a limited edition NASCAR homologation special with an aerodynamic nose and rear bubble glass to help the GM’s NASCAR shape be a bit more slippery.  The Aerocoupe fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Find this 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix Aerocoupe 2+2 bidding on ebay for $2,650 with an hours to go.

The Grand Prix 2+2 Aerocoupe is a rare bird, with only 1200 examples made for a single model year – but it is rare because nobody wants it.  It is sort of like the Polio of automobiles,  extinct for a reason.

The front end resembles Julie Chen before she had eye surgery, and not in a good way.  Why a single person have paid the $8,000 premium for a 150 horsepower Chevy 5.0 V8 wrapped in this grey cloud of misery completely escapes me.

At first I was going to rant about how this is the only car to make a 1st gen Barracuda rear glass look good…but you know what…I’ve changed my mind.  This thing packs as much questionable cool into a 4-wheeled package as any wood bodied Volkswagen.  It is only missing a gigantic number from your favorite NASCAR driver on the sides.

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