1k: Explorer Starter Kit: 1964 Clark Cortez Motorhome

 Hernán Cortés was a Spanish explorer and Conquistador who spearheaded the invasion that toppled the Aztec Empire and brought a large part of what is Mexico under the umbrella of the Spanish Empire.  This next feature looks old enough to have witnessed some of those early encounters with natives, but with a little work could be great for some exploring.  Find this 1964 Clark Cortez Motorhome offered for $1,000 in Vista, CA via craigslist.

 If you want an idea of what a nice Cortez looks like, check out DT’s feature from July of last year, where the asking price was $22k and it hadn’t been through any invasions.  This one might need $20k of refurbishment to get it up to speed, but if you are looking for a huge (literally) project, this is it.

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