1k: Automotive Purgatory: 1985 Plymouth Reliant

In the second cantica of the Divine Comedy written by Italian Poet Dante Alighieri, the author describes in great detail a trip through the seven terraces of Purgatory (Purgatorio).  Mid way through the 5th Terrace the poem’s hero finds himself surrounded by the souls of the covetous, folks who have sinned through embracing things in an unhealthy way.  Here, owners of Porsches, BMWs, Alfas who have neglected their families and friends, are stuck in slushbox equipped Plymouth Reliants on freeway on-ramps. The on-ramps are equipped with traffic metering systems that seem to be functioning, but nobody ever merges onto the freeway.  This is one of those rides.  Find this 1985 Plymouth Reliant in impeccable shape offered for $1,499 in Woodland Hills, CA via craigslist.

The various circles of hell will be filled with things like the first generation Toyota Prius with dead batteries, a 2 cylinder VW Beetle with windows that don’t roll down, and being stuck on the city bus…well..forever.  But purgatory, it will be filled with perfectly clean, low mile examples of the most horrible vehicles and you will be forced to navigate LA traffic until your sins have been cleansed. It’s gonna be a great time.

The Reliant was the first of the so called K-cars to be built by Chrysler and was followed soon after by the Dodge Aries and Chrysler Lebaron.  This K is powered by a 2.2 liter inline-4 cylinder engine that puts out 94 horsepower and delivers 0-60 mph in a leisurely 13 seconds or so with the automatic transmission.

If you were planning on spending a few years in gridlock, a super clean Reliant really wouldn’t be the most horrible place to do your time. At least it has nice comfy looking sofas.

If you find another clean nice looking K-car…please…keep it to yourself.  tips@dailyturismo.com