????: 1992 Detomaso Scorpion Jasper 424 V8

The Detomaso Scorpion is not actually a real thing.  But the seller of this car calls it “European” style and the crude letters on the back call it a Detomaso Scorpion Jasper 424 V8…but I’m not sure if ANY of those words are even remotely accurate….because as best as I can tell, this is a Pontiac Fiero. Find this 1992 Detomaso Scorpion Jasper 424 V8 offered for $11,000 near Miami, FL via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:
European style, mid-engine Scorpion design.
Powered by GM V8.
Top quality fiberglass construction.
Bilstein high performance suspension.
Custom paint is PPG “Black Cherry”.
5 speed manual tranny.
16″ tires up front – 17″ in rear.

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