1989 Nissan S-Cargo

Back in the 1980s when retro-styling wasn’t a thing, the nuts at Nissan built a series of cars known as the Pike family that consisted of the Be-1, Pao, Figaro and S-Cargo.  Various examples of the Pao and Figaro seem to be for sale around the web from time-to-time, but the S-Cargo version is much more rare (at least in the USA). The the 25 year rule behind us, it seems like a good time to own one of the Pike cars. Find this 1989 Nissan S-Cargo offered for $8,495 via Japaneseclassics.com. Tip from SeanT.

The S-Cargo might look like it was designed to look like a washing machine, but it was styled to look like the classic Citroën 2CV Fourgonnette delivery van, and to hammer the point across, the name was a pun (Escargot or snail in French). 

Inside is room for 4 adults and a zany retro-futuristic styled
dashboard.  Some hints of French styling can be seen in the Citroen-like
steering wheel, and everything else is playfully different from the
average econobox.   Under the hood is a 1.5 L E15S 4-cylinder gasoline engine and matching 3-speed automatic transmission from a Nissan Sunny. 

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