1985 Ford Escort Hatchback

Anybody who lived through the 1980s in the USA will have memories of the the North American first generation Ford Escort (1981-1990). Those memories will certainly be mixed…some good, some bad…but our squishy grey lobes tend to suppress the bad things; but DT is here to help recover some of those negative memories. First, you learned your first full set of curse words from your Mom when it wouldn’t start for the third time in a week. You also learned to dress for rain when the electrical system stopped working in November 1987. And finally, you learned why your Dad started buying only Japanese cars in 1990. But if you want to relive some of the good experiences in a Ford Escort…then you should buy the best preserved Escort you’ll ever see for less than four large. Find this 1985 Ford Escort Hatchback offered for $3,700 in Dallas, TX via craigslist.

From the seller:

1985 ford escort
fuel: gas
odometer: 2200
title status: clean
transmission: manual
Okay, here it goes DFW. I’m gonna give y’all one shot before I post this thing on ebay for the whole world to bid on.

Here we have a UNIT of a car. An absolute PEACH. If you went to high school in the 80s this may have been your first car or what your mom drove you to school in on the daily. I swear to God, this was Stacey’s mom’s daily driver. An absolute nostalgia MACHINE.
You see, the are plenty of IROC camaros, fox body mustangs and G bodies out there kept in pristine shape for the last 35 years. You can throw MKIII supras and Z cars into the mix as well.
But no one and I mean NO ONE ever bothered to bottle up an escort hatchback and preserve it in showroom condition except for this one. This may be your one and only chance, so jump on it quick.

This baby has a 1.6l carbureted 4 banger boasting a stout 70hp and a ground-pounding 88 lb/ft of torque. Don’t scoff, because she’s a featherweight coming in at a shade over 2,000lb. The massive power is barely contained by the 4 spd manual transmission. You’ll be burning up the pavement with the nearly new 13″ MEATS on original 4 lug rims.
A/C? We dont need no stinking ac. No power steering neither. She’s got a pretty rack. It’s a manual one and its BRAND NEW. All this results in the easiest belt change in the history of mankind. Crank pulley and alternator pulley, that’s it.

Ready to settle in for the long haul? You’re in luck because this all original interior is MINT and comfier than a couch used on the set of “my 800lb life.”

We’ve got upgrades too, so don’t worry about being 100% stock. You’ll still be damn near the hottest thing in the high school parking lot with the freshly tinted windows and the chrome single tip exhaust.

Actual miles unknown. 2200 miles displayed on 5 digit odometer.

She comes with a clean TX title and a full tank of gas. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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