1959 Cessna 172 or 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

Lots of cars have wings. Most Porsches sport some kind of small automatically deployed wing element from the back and even the lowly Toyota Corolla has a small trunk wing in many configurations…but this next car…it has a wing. A real air foil. It is the stubby remnants of a Cessna 172 wing that has been amputated so it will fit into a garage and that is just the start. Find this 1968 Volkswagen Beetle that has been combined with a 1959 Cessna 172 offered for $28,500 in Cape Coral, FL via eBay. Tip from Kester.

From the seller:

For sale is my 1968 VW bug chassis with a 1959 Cessna 172 body. This is a complete custom build, one of a kind car.
It has a working flaps and the prop will spin on a trolling motor that is controlled from inside of the car. It also has a backup camera that stays on full-time like a rearview mirror. Strobe lights under the belly and on the tip of the plane. It also has the red and green lights on the wings. It’s still has almost all of the airplane gauges on the dash.
The car is titled as a 68 VW and has a clear Florida title.
The car is a really a lot of fun,
It car draws a crowd everywhere I go. It also wins trophies at all the local car shows if that’s your thing.
There’s a lot more but I’m not going to try to list everything about this build so If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 734-845-6564 between 9 AM and 10 PM Eastern time. The car is located in Cape Coral Florida.
The reason for the sale is a start of a new project and really just need room in the garage.
The car is sold as is where is like all other used cars. (Also I don’t need help to sell it.) $500 non-refundable deposit due within 24 hrs of accepting offer. Please guys this is a contract to buy, if you’re not serious or you have to ask your wife or any other reason please do it before your bid. As anyone knows that has sold on eBay, once you have to relist your car due to a bad buyer it kills your listing.
Please call me before making a offer so I can go into detail about the car before you purchase. You can check out my Feedback as a seller, I am always very honest about my cars. Thanks for looking Tim
Here’s a couple links of it on YouTube driving.

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