1947 Pontiac Streamliner or Torpedo

I love it when I find a Craigslist advert for a car and the seller identifies the car with a name that nobody else on the internet is familiar with. Who am I to say that this isn’t a ’47 Pontiac SilverStream…but the internet is pretty sure that Pontiac sold two models in 1947 — the short wheelbase Torpedo and the larger Streamliner…so what is this?  Find this 1947 Pontiac Streamliner or Torpedo offered for $8,500 via Dallas area craigslist.  This
post is part of DT’s 2016 Birthday Celebration of 100 cars;
enjoy the ride!

Styling on all Pontiac products in 1947 include something called the SilverStreak which includes 5-bands of chrome covering the center of the hood.  These were plus sized cars, covered in chrome and boasting of a country that had won a world war and was ready to pave the world in the name of progress. The Straight-8 engine is a thing of beauty and a reminder of a gloriously silly past.

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