Oldie But Goodie: 1930 Ford Model A Sedan

The Ford Model A was one of the best selling cars of all times, with over 4.8 million examples sold during the early days of the horseless carriage. The Model A was the first Ford to use “conventional” controls with a clutch, brake, and gas pedals in the spot we still use today AND the Model A was the first car to have safety glass in the windshield. The Model A was available in a dazzling assortment of body styles (Convertible, Sport Coupe, Deluxe Coupe, Panel Truck, 2&4 door Phaeton, Wagon, Town Car, Leatherback Fordor) but today’s example is the venerable Coupe. Find this 1930 Ford Model A Sedan bidding for $5900 in North Liberty, IA via ebay motors.

From the seller:

1930 Ford Model A Coupe

Bought a few miles away from me from a guy who used it regularly.
Started, drove home & parked it from purchase, haven’t touched it since.
Selling it because I do not have the time to restore it, but it’s a great starting point.

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