1921 International Harvester Pickup

Ameilia Earhart took her first flying lesson in 1921, but had to take a bus to the airstrip. Why walk when you could take this 1921 International Harvester 3/4 ton Commercial Delivery Truck instead, for sale in Winfield, West Virginia for $15,670. This
post is part of DT’s 2016 Birthday Celebration of 100 cars;
enjoy the ride!

Owner says there are only 5 accounted for in North America. This Harvester was last run 2 years ago so a quick hustle around the block would be advisable after seeing the pinched radiator hose in the engine compartment.

A restored truck is still a truck so certainly your friends will ask
you to help move. Even if like this one that only sees use in parades
you will be asked so get ready. At least with this mode of transportation you shouldn’t go missing; or need to ride with someone named Noonan.

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