15k: Zetec Power: 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon Bostig Conversion

The Volkswagen Vanagon Type 2 (T3) was launched in 1980 as a replacement to the aging VW Transporter (aka Hippie Bus, Kombi, MicroBus) Type 2 (T2).  The Vanagon (as it was called in North America) continued the VW tradition of air cooled flat-4 in the back, but was styled in a more angular fashion and added all sorts of amenities like power steering, air conditioning and power door locks.  Don’t get me wrong, it is still a thoroughly horrible driving experience akin to riding on the back of a three-legged camel, but it is much more modern and less tippy or terrifying than driving a T2 Bus.  However, you can fix the power deficiency with a kit from a company called Bostig who supplies everything you need to convert to Ford Zetec power.  Find this 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon Bostig Conversion currently bidding for $5,100 and $17,800 BIN with 6 days to go in Jean, NV via ebay.

This Vanagon has been given the full zombie apocalyse ready makeover and it actually looks pretty cool equipped with brush guards, shovel, roof rack and BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A tires.  A stock Vanagon looks like the skinny kid from high school and while this doesn’t look like a varsity football player, it doesn’t look like someone who gets too many swirlies, wedgies, wet willies, noogies or purple nurples.

The heart of the beast is a 2.0 liter Ford Zetec engine good for something between 130 and 170 horsepower depending on specification (the basic 2.0 liter Zetec Zeta engine from the Escort ZX2 had 130 hp while the SVT Focus had 170 from its version).  The seller states that this is a new engine from Ford with only 600 miles on it but doesn’t specify power/torque, but it should be considerably more than the stock 95 horsepower 2.1 liter wasserboxer VW engine.

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