15k: ZedVette: 1997 BMW Z3 with LS1 V8

The Z3 was BMW’s first foray into the mass manufacture of a roadster product, although BMW had sold a few notable roadsters in the past, including the crazy drop door Z1 and hauntingly beautify 507.  The non-M Z3 earned an undeserved reputation as being a bit of a hairdresser’s car, so you might understand why someone would want to shove a Corvette sourced V8 under the hood and go looking for trouble.  Find this 1997 BMW Z3 with LS1 V8 for sale in Santa Monica, CA for $15,000 via craigslist.

From the factory the Z3 is equipped with a classically responsive BMW
suspension/chassis/steering system, so the only thing holding back most
low-spec versions is the 1.9 liter 4-banger engine…but not this

This Z3 is powered by a cammed LS1 V8 from a 2002 C5 Chevrolet Corvette that would have made 350 horsepower and 375 ft-lbs of torque when new, but should be good for closer to 400 hp with the aftermarket parts.

Although the standard Z3 didn’t receive the ultra wide fender flares of the Z3 M coupe and Roadster, it appears this one has been given a wider set of fenders and is riding on a set of the ultra wide and staggered M roadstar wheels.  See a better way to shred tires and look good while doing it? tips@dailyturismo.com