15k: Wheelie Fun: 1970 Chevelle 454

Imagine lining up all the vehicles immortalized on the pages of Daily
Turismo for a 1/4 mile race. Historians would call it the
largest gathering of Volvos outside of a Swedish junkyard
(listen carefully and you’ll hear the sound of half of the DT
community booking flights to Sweden) while NHRA enthusiasts
would rate the competition as tepid, at best. Until this Mist
Green behemoth thundered across the finish line in 9 seconds.
Find this 1970 Chevelle 454 Super Fast LS6 bored 496 for $14,500
reserve not met.  Words and tip from DT commenter & contributor  slowcarSLOW-MPGlol. 

454 Chevelle, available only in 1970 models, is becoming a
Hemi ‘Cuda for collectors. It’s not unusual to see them change
hands for six figures, while Chevelles of lesser worth fetch
anything from $20k-$60k. This one is an imposter, originally
equipped with the 396 that was ditched for a 454. Bored and
stroked, this all-motor monster now makes 736 horsepower.

never really get used to this car’s imposing size, especially
from the back. Seeing its oversized haunches surpass the
garage’s width isn’t a perspective illusion – it truly may not
fit in there.

seller says it isn’t a butchered-up project. That’s believable
until you peek inside. Those gauges aren’t right, and the mess
of wires is worrisome, but it’s the cage that reveals why it
hasn’t been street driven in 25 years: only a contortionist
can get in it.

kidding. (EIC Vince: Only a suicidal midget contortionist who doesn’t mind dying from head-to-pipe impact or electrical fire would get inside.)

Realistically, this Chevelle was probably meant to be
a track-only car until the last track on Long Island closed.
So, like a frumpy spinster, only 15 passes have been made on
it since 1989.

car isn’t an investment. That doesn’t make it a bad buy
though, because it captures the spirit of the muscle car wars
perfectly. Free from the burden of matching numbers and
pedigree, this Chevelle has taken on a new purpose. It has
become a straight-line rocket with a trick rear-end ready for
smokey tributes to the good old days, if you can crawl through
the titling process and the scaffolding blocking the driver’s

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Another big thanks to DT commenter & contributor  slowcarSLOW-MPGlol for writing another feature.