15k: Trans Am Style Restorod: 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger

Few things get the octane in my blood pumping quicker than a vintage racer themed American 2-door from the 1960s.  True vintage racers tend to be expensive and not street-able, but slap together a decent restomod with a few stickers and I’ll bite.  The car doesn’t even need to be a model that was campaigned back it the day, it just needs to look the part.  Like this 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger restomod found here on eBay currently bidding for $15,000 with a few hours to go, located in Laguna Hills, CA.

The fourth generation Dodge Dart was introduced in 1967 on Chrysler’s
A-body platform.  Sales of the A-body were phenomenal when
Valiant, Dart, Demon, Duster, 3700, Centura, Charger, Valiant Drifter,
Valiant Pacer and Scamp sales were all combined, but the Dart accounted
for the bulk of the sales and is the easiest to find parts today.  This one has been given a complete makeover and looks ready for a track day.  Noticed, I said “looks” because plenty of classic cars look like they’d do great at the track, but when push comes to oversteer, they end up being about as reliable as a Greek bank account.

Under the hood is a 360 cubic inch Dodge V8 that is running all manner of Mopar hop-up goodies that should add up to something in the 350-400 horsepower range.  The entire setup looks period correct (always a plus with restomods) and fairly tidy, but could use some wire cleanup to look really sharp.

The interior is very basic and looks like a form-follows-function setup with a number of aftermarket touches that could be replaced with something a bit more vintage appearing.  Surely there is a steering wheel that could be bolted into this thing that would look as good as the genuine Minilite wheels do on the outside. 

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