15k: Tangerine Thosday: 1973 Volvo 1800ES

A few weeks ago we featured a 90 mile 1800ES offered on ebay for a whopping  $75,000, not because it was a good deal, but because it was such an interesting story.  No one will buy that car at such a grandiose price, but the real question is, what would you pay for a car that has 1000 times the miles of the $75k example?  Find this 1973 Volvo 1800 ES for sale in Ventura, CA currently bidding for $12,221 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go.

The Volvo 1800ES is no stranger to the pages of Daily Turismo, and will continue to be a regular feature as long as prices for good examples stay in the realm of a new economy car.  The 1800ES isn’t the fastest car on the block, but it has a good combination of classic styling, rugged drivetrain and affordability to be tempting…in a good way!

While the 1800ES is a great looking shooting brake, it will never
the genius styling of the E-Type Jag, Porsche 911 or Alfa GTV.  On the upside, because the Volvo is not a tuned to a high degree and is usually reliable, due in large part to its
venerable B20E fuel injected 2.0L pushrod four. While it develops only
124 horsepower, that will be plenty to haul you, your companion and a
picnic basket full of cheese crackers and Cabernet (at a reasonable
clip) to the vintage races. As others struggle to start their more
exotic rides, this should fire instantly, which greatly increases both
its value and utility.

The driver sits low in an 1800ES, with his butt on the ground and surrounded by vintage wood, rubber, Smiths gauges and a clock that never works

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