15k: STiealthy Subie: 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT SpecB

Ask anybody who drives a Subaru Impreza WRX STi and they will tell you that it is difficult to keep the spiky hairdo safe under flat-brim hats. Additionally, skinny jeans are expensive and really chafe in the wrong places.  Sure, its great to have a zippy all-wheel-drive turbocharged Subaru, but it’d be nice to get one without pink graphics, a cavernous hood scoop and shopping-cart-handle wing…because its not always desirable to look like a bro-douche.  Enter the Legacy 2.5 GT SpecB…also known as: an adult’s STi.  Find this 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT SpecB for sale in Minneapolis, MN for $17,000 via craiglist.

The standard Subaru Legacy 2.5GT was no slouch, with a 2.5 liter boxer four cylinder shared with the Impreza STi – but boosted by a smaller turbocharger producing 250 horsepower.  The SpecB option was a limited (500 units in 2006) edition that added Bilstein shocks, well bolstered seats and 18 inch wheels for sportier proposition. 

The 2006 SpecB was only available with a silver exterior and garish red interior, but this example with 88k miles on the odometer looks great on the inside – a testament to the upgraded materials of the Legacy lineup.  A similar era/condition Impreza will typically start showing signs of wear on the switches, steering wheel and shifter by this age.  Speaking of shifters – the 2006 Legacy SpecB uses the lowly 5-spd manual transmission from the standard Impreza WRX, but the 2007-2009 SpecB versions use the 6-spd from the STi and command a slightly higher price.

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