15k: SR20DET 5-Door: 1970 Datsun 510 Wagon

The Datsun Bluebird was badged as the 510 for the US market and sold from 1968 to 1974.  The 510 is an inexpensive used classic today and a great lightweight platform for modification.  Find this 1970 Datsun 510 wagon with Nissan SR20DET power for sale in Los Angeles, CA for $13,500 via craigslist.

The Datsun 510 wagon market is full of sub $5k drivers with original 1.6 liter power so anything more than $10k should get a really really nice one.  Today’s feature might be an example of the other guy’s money, but only if the execution is perfect; any shortcuts or signs of shortcuts and the price needs significant adjustment.

Under the hood is a red-top SR20DET, a 2.0 liter turbocharged and intercooled Nissan engine that made something between 201 and 227 horsepower when new.  This one has a few aftermarket parts and could easily be good for 300 horsepower with proper tuning.

The inside of this classy wagon is advertised as “in great condition” and has recently had new carpet added.  It looks better than many of the nasty 510s we find for sale, but the headliner will need attention.

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