15k: Soup Or Car? 1990 Porsche 928 GT

In 1989 Porsche introduced yet another version of their long in the tooth 928 — it was called the 928 GT and featured slightly more horsepower, a sportier suspension and 9 inch wide rear wheels.  The 928 GT was a small glimpse of the awesome that would come with the final version of the 928 called the GTS…but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Find this 1990 Porsche 928 GT offered for $16,900 in Kennewick, WA via craigslist.  Tip from Chris.

The GT was the last iteration of the original body style for the 928 and it got the bigger engine before the wild fender flares of the GTS model.  According to 928s4vr.com only about 100 of the GT models made it to the USA in 1990, so this is a rare piece of machinery.  

The 5.0 liter V8 from the 928 S4 was souped up slightly to increase horsepower from 316 hp to 326 hp for the GT version and it was only available with a 5-speed manual gearbox.  The GT has a unique electronically controlled limited slip differential out back that was adapted from the 959 super car.

As a former 928 owner, I can say that the driving position is nothing short of fantastic; you sit low to the ground and are wrapped in gauges.  Critics will say the 928 drives like a big German Camaro, but in truth the 928 was a great handling car (for its era) and will keep up with modern “sports” cars with ease.

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