15k: Seller Sub: 1991 BMW M5, Minty Clean

The E34 M5 was the last of the hand-built BMW ///M machines from their motorsports division, before BMW moved production of its M-cars into the regular factories.  It was probably for the best (better quality control, more automation, less car-to-car and part-to-part variability) but somehow it seems like something is lost when you go from a factory technician hand assembling a limited production vehicle to basic cookie cutter production.  Regardless, the E34 is the least expensive of M5 cars today, with prices well below the older E28 or newer E39; strange because the E34 M5 is a fantastic car.  Find this 1991 BMW M5 offered for sale in Toronto, ON, Canada for $16,900 CDN via kijiji.ca  Seller Submission from Peter.

The North American E34 M5 left the factory with a 3.6 liter S38B36 inline-6 that puts out 307 horsepower and 266 ft-lbs of torque into a Getrag 280 5-spd manual gearbox.  No auto was offered for the M5 in the E34 body style making it easy to find a good example for your daily commute/hooning.  Additionally they were all equipped with a limited slip differential out back and a good old-fashioned steering box setup up front (no rack & pinion).  The result is a car that requires heavy inputs to go fast and drives like a ’60s muscle car, but with proper shock dampening.  It never does let you forget that it weighs 3800 lbs, but it eats up corners and straightaways with equal vigor.

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