15k: Rosebud: 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV

The Alfa Romeo GTV is one of those cars that is affordable and awesome enough to be on any vintage gear-head’s bucket list.  I admit to be hook-line-and-sinker in love with the classic Giorgetto Giugiaro designed body and infatuated with the idea of an Italian sports coupe with an alloy engine screaming up to a 7000 rpm redline.  Understandably, each time a reasonably priced GTV passes under my nose, I have that ‘rosebud’ moment and mutter to myself…”one of these days I will have you.”  Find this 1971 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce for sale in San Mateo, CA for $17,000 via craiglist. Tip from Kaibeezy.

Photographed in what looks like a graffiti artist’s lair, this 1750 GTV tipo 105.51 is offered somewhere between a project and a driver, but it’s far from perfect.  The cardboard protecting the concrete under it says volumes about its fluid integrity, and I personally think some burnt olive oil stains would add some class to this workshop/garage.

The original 1750cc engine has been replaced by a later 2.0 liter inline-4 from a 2000 GTV, which should have been fitted with SPICA fuel injection, but the seller admits he had a hard time getting the FI system to work and it is now equipped with a set of carburetors.  Horsepower from this setup is probably in the 140-150 horsepower range depending on tuning.

The interior of this GTV isn’t a total disaster, and, with the notable exceptions of missing door cards, is complete.  The seats look very nice in the photos and the sellers description of many extra parts means this will certainly need a thorough in person inspection.

The seller doesn’t mention it, but this car is wearing what look like its original California blue plates, meaning it has never been registered out of California’s mostly dry climate.  Italian sheet metal tastes like a plate of fresh cannoli to free radical oxygen, so its good to know this car likely hasn’t spent too many winters in Detroit.  I know, I shouldn’t go all weak kneed every time someone forwards a tip for a somewhat affordable 4-headlight GTV…but I can’t help it!

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