15k: A Rose In The Valley: 1967 Porsche 912, Minty Clean

While stumbling through the ever growing web of project cars, sob stories and overpriced junk that dominates craigslist, we occasionally see a nicely presented and drivable car offered for a reasonable price.  Not a ‘nigerian scammer’ nice price, but something that does indeed seem like a fair buy in today’s market.  Find this 1967 Porsche 912 for sale in Pasadena, CA for the price of $13,500 via craigslist.

The name Pasadena comes from the Spanish phrase “of the valley” and the city is famous for its annual Rose Bowl parade and collegiate football game.  The city has some very nice neighborhoods whose inhabitants are mostly ‘old money’ and this Porsche 912 is a the perfect car for a cruise down Pasadena Blvd on a Friday night.

Open the rear hood on the poor man’s 911 and find a version of the 1.6 liter Porsche 356 flat-4 tucked in the back.  It produced 90 horsepower when new and is better known for its frugal fuel savings instead of performance.

The classic 911/912 green gauges are a favorite among Porsche enthusiasts and this example looks surprisingly clean and nice on the inside.

The 912 does indeed fit in a compact parking space and the 2100 lb curb weight should be a decent match for the low power engine lurking behind the rear wheels.  This car was for sale on ebay until yesterday, and it looks like the bidding reached the current asking price before it ended or was pulled. Anyone local in the hunt for a 912 should check this one out…before it is gone.

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