15k: Respectful Offers Considered: 1986 Bertone X1/9 Dallara Replica

The X1/9 was manufactured by Fiat starting in 1972 but by 1982 they decided to withdraw from the US market and subsequently handed over importation responsibilities to millionaire entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin and production to Gruppo Bertone in Torino, Italia.  The Bertone icsunonoves were just as speedy, zippy, funky and rusty as the Fiat versions, but this one has been given a full custom makeover to resemble the famous Dallara X1/9 racers from Group 5 racing.  Find this 1986 Bertone X1/9 Dallara Replica for sale in Hayward, CA for $15,000 or respectful offer via craigslist.  Tip from Kabeezy.

The X1/9 is a small 2-seater that used the Fiat 128’s front-mounted front-drive engine mounted midships and powering the rear wheels.  Stock they are epically slow, but fun in the turns when the sub 2000 lb curb weight comes into play.  This one looks has all sorts of fender flares, big wheels and molded composite bumpers for a much more modern/cool look.

The 1.5 liter inline-4 was good for 75 horsepower when fitted with fuel injection from the factory, but this one has had some internal modifications and is probably pushing closer to 100 hp.  Still not fast, but at least you will beat UPS trucks at the traffic lights.   

I knew a guy who daily drove an X1/9 and he raved about how great it was to be wide-open-throttle in just about any traffic condition, driving the car to the very limit and still not breaking the speed limit or drawing any un-desired attention.  This one will draw some attention, but it will still need a heavy foot to keep pace with your neighbor’s minivan. 

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