15k: Pintera: 1973 Ford Pinto Pangra

The Ford Pinto was never particularly fast or sporty, but Jack Stratton, general sales manager at Huntington Ford in Arcadia, California aimed to fix that issue with a creation he called the Pangra.  It took a basic Pinto and added turbocharger, sporty interior, new front end styling, and racing inspired suspension in the form a series of kits that together made a complete Pangra.  Only 20-200 factory dealer built Pangras were built, so don’t expect to see another at the next Ford car show.  Find this 1973 Ford Pinto Pangra offered for $14,500 in San Diego, CA via FordPinto.com.

The seller is listed as Brad Fagan, who is also mentioned in this April 1, 2005 Hemmings article as a world renowned authority on the Pangra.  This particular Pangra has been modified from original specs, and is forcefed by a Garrett T4 turbocharger, shifts through a 5-speed gearbox from an SVO Mustang, etc.  It looks like a fun way to go fast and leave everybody around your perplexed.  

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